Blog Sale!

Just like any nail polish addict I started out with a small collection, maybe 50 or so polishes. As I became more and more addicted I accumulated more and more polish. I ended up buying two helmers to store my polishes. When I brought my hemers I told my self I would not let my collection get any bigger than what my two helmers can hold. I knew I needed to put a limit on how big my collection could grow, or it would grow without stopping!

My collection is overflowing from my helmers, so the sad time has come for me to have a big clean out. This was surprisingly hard for me to do. I have a special little emotional attachment to each polish, especially my indie polishes! But this must be done so that I don't find myself literally swimming in nail polish!

Here is how it is going to work:

1) I have photos of everything I have up for grabs with the names underneath the photo (names L-R). I also have a little code that follows the names of the polishes. BN = Brand New; SW1 = Swatched once; U = used. If followed by a number it is how many times I have used it, if it is just a U then I don't know. I hope this makes sense so that you can get idea of how much has been used out of each bottle.

2) After the names of the polishes I will also have the price. Buy in bulk and the prices will go down! I am a little OCD and I like to keep collections together, so if I have a whole collection up it will work out cheaper to buy the whole collection rather than individual polishes. Also, if you choose to buy a lot of polishes from me then I will knock a few dollars off the price as a bulk buy thanks.

3) Once you have chosen which polishes that you would like email me at: with a list of the polishes that you would like.

4) I will respond to your email letting you know if what you would like is available (first come, first served) along with a total cost + Shipping.

5) You will have to cover shipping costs. Shipping will be  less than 500g = $9. More than 500g = $13. Shipping with in Australia only (sorry international friends).

6) When you get your email with the total cost send the money to me as a gift on PayPal (same email address:

7) Once I receive the money I will cross out the purchased polishes on my blog sale so that others know that it is no longer available.

8) I will send the polishes to you ASAP.

9) Once the parcels are sent it is out of my hands. Unfortunately I have no control over Australia post, and we will have to trust that everything arrives safely.

If you are an indie maker and you see polishes here that I have swatched for you, please do not feel offended that they are part of my blog sale. I had to make some tough decisions (especially with my indie polishes). I simply do not have enough room to keep them all, even though I would like to.  As for pricing of indie polishes I tried to go about 50% off retail prices (especially if they have only been swatched once).


Manicare French Pink (BN) $2

Various Manicare products (BN) $2ea

Pretty Serious (SW1) Toxic Tiara, Badlands Bandit, Frogtown, Gluteus Equine, Nuke The Fridge, Cherry 2000 ($3ea)

Hollish (SW1) Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Garnet, Ruby ($3ea)

Peita's Polish (SW1 from What's Indie Box)  Ghost Gutz, Seafood Delight, Unicorn Whisper ($5ea)

Peita's Polish (SW1) Jellybean Dream, Fizzi-licious, Musk Sticks ($4ea)

Peita's Polish (SW1) Good To Mama, Cell Block Tango, Razzle Dazzle ($4ea)

Black Dahlia Lacquer (SW1) Lilacs In Lava, Moonlight Daisy, Mountain Laurel ($4ea) 

EP Polish Company (SW1) Cheedo The Fragile, The Dag, Toast The Knowing, Capable ($4ea)

EP Polish Company (SW1) Storm In A Tea Cup, Furiosa, The Splendid Angharad ($4ea)

Moonstone Nail Polish (SW1) Star Queen Nebula, Key Lime Pie (What's Indie Box) ($5).
Bluebell Bubblegum, Acid Pop ($2)

Moonstone Polish (SW1) Rhodonite, Amethyst, Cerussite ($2ea)

Moonstone Polish (SW1) Malachite, Acanthite, Azurite ($2)

Powder Perfect (SW1) Abandon Ship, New Horizons, Forgetful Gardener, Forgotten Princess, Contested Crown ($4ea)

Powder Perfect (SW1) Fallen Chandelier, Christmas In A Tropical Climate, The Sublime, Creeping Vines ($2ea)

Powder Perfect (SW1) Boarders of The Forest, King of Carven Stone, The World Below, Early Light ($2ea)

Glam Polish (Grease Collectors Edition SW1) Sandy, Summer Nights, Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee, Beauty School Dropout ($6ea)

Glam Polish (Grease Collectors Edition SW1) Pink Ladies, Hopelessly Devoted, You're The One That I Want ($6ea)

Glam Polish (Grease Collectors Edition SW1) Grease Is The Word, We Go Together ($6ea)

Glam Polish (What's Indie Box Exclusives SW1) You're A Mean One Mr Grinch, Tweetie Pie ($6)

Glam Polish (Mei Mei's Exclusives SW1) Unreachable, Out of This World ($5)

Glam Polish (SW1) Frankensline 2014, Frankenslime 2015 ($5)

Glam Polish (SW1) Running Up That Hill, Black Water, Don't Go In The Woods ($4ea)

Glam Polish (SW1) Scream, Sixth Sense ($4ea)

Glam Polish (SW1) Omen, Paranormal, Alien ($4)

Glam Polish (SW1) Hibiscus, Mauna Loa, Ke Aloha ($4)

Glam Polish (SW1) Moloka'i, Ko Olina, Kauai ($4)

Glam Polish (SW1) Lani, Nani, Leilani ($4)

Glam Polish (SW1) Nalu, Ohana

Glam Polish (SW1) Cancer, Capricorn ($4)

Glam Polish (SW1) Virgo, Taurus, Leo ($4)

Orly Top 2 Bottom Coat Mini (NEW) $1

Kleancolour Clear (NEW) $1

- I will do my best to keep this as up-to-date as possible. 
- I will also be adding new polishes over time.