About Me

I am just another Aussie with a nail polish addiction.

I first started doing nail art mid 2012, but I am not exactly sure when I started. It all started when I saw a nail design on Facebook and thought to my self "hmm, I reckon I can do that" and so began my nail art/polish addiction.  I found inspiration from many sources and continued to recreate the designs - quite badly I might add. I was proud of my crappy nail art (and still am), but practice makes perfect and I love being able to see how far I have come.  I have found that painting my nails is quite therapeutic, kind of sounds crazy at first but I am sure there are other nail addicts out there who would agree! 

I told myself I wouldn't get an Instagram account, then a friend talked me to it and I ended up creating a nails only account! I created my nails only Instagram "bettinanails" more for myself than anything else (and I am kind of doing the same thing here, just expanding a little).Creating a blog is something I never thought I would do, but here I am. Since none of my friends have the same obsession with polish that I do many of the people around me were getting tired of me always talking about my nails and nail polish.  So I will talk nails here to keep everyone's sanity level in check.

A little bit about me, because I do have a life out side of painting my nails...

I often refer to myself as a crazy cat lady. At the moment I only have one cat, his name is Deuteronomy, Deut for short. I would like to have more cats but Deut is quite territorial so that wouldn't work out very well. So for now Deut gets all my attention, and more cuddles than he can handle. 

I am currently going to university studying primary teaching and early childhood education. I find that my polish addiction helps a lot with dealing with all the stress from uni. 

I have also done a lot of travelling in my time, including living in southern California for a few years. While I was living in America I made the most of my time there and did a lot of travelling. I have currently been to 38 states in America, and many different cities with in the states. I have also been to 32 countries around the world. I often get asked where my favourite place is, but that is kind of like asking me what my favourite nail polish is! They are just all so different it is hard to choose, but just to name a few some of my favourite places were Egypt, Poland, England, and France.

If you have any question or want to know more, just ask!