Scenario Assignment Nail Art

I think I have briefly mentioned that I have been doing my Certificate III in Nail Technology (if you didn't know... you do now!). For one of my final assignments I had to use a nail template and draw a nail art design based on a scenario. The scenarios did provide some interesting inspiration, however, drawing my nail art designs on a paper template with coloured pencils is not my style of expressing my nail art ideas. Firstly, coloured pencils don't have the same application as nail polish (obviously). Secondly, doing designs on paper is entirely different to doing designs on nails, do I even need to mention curvature of the nail and polish pooling around the cuticles?

Here is a summary of the first scenario:  The client would like a modern design using candy coloured polishes. She is after a pineapple design with several small pineapples on the nail, rather than just one pineapple covering the nail.  The design must use at least four colours.

As I read the first scenario of the assignment I realised that I had created pretty much exactly what the client was asking for... I went back through my nail art photos and, well if I do say so myself, Nailed It!

For this design I used "Fairy Floss" "Mellow Yellow" and "Sky" by Picture Polish and "Pistache" by Sinful colours.

So I read the next scenario: The client is going out to a special event and is wearing a black and white outfit. She would like something elegant that would match her outfit. 

I have done plenty of black and white nail art designs in the past, but I felt that none of my previous designs matched the scenario as perfectly as with the first scenario. The assignment says to draw the design on a template, which I did include in the assignment (but I won't include it here... really you don't need to see it), but it's just not the same as real nail art. So I created a new nail art design to match the scenario, and all the other scenarios. 

For this design I used "Snow Me White" by Sinful Colors and "Pitch" by Celestial Cosmetics with stamping plate EDM10 by Emily de Molly.

Here is scenario three: The client is going to a Bollywood themed party and her outfit is pink and magenta with gold detailing. She would like her nails to complement her outfit with gold detailing similar to that found in henna designs. She would also like coloured nail jewels. 

For this design I used "Funky Dunkey" by O.P.I., "Dead Set Babe" by Dead Set Babes, and "Midas" by Celestial Cosmetics with stamping plate Explorer Collection - 03 by MoYou London. 

Scenario four: The client is going to a Christmas in July themed party and is wearing a festive Christmas jumper. The jumper is mostly white with a red Christmas design including snowflakes, reindeer and a snowman. She wants her nail art to match the theme of the party and her jumper. She wants each nail to have a different design on each nail. 

For this design I used "Snow Me White" by Sinful Colors and "Red" by Emily de Molly with stamping plate BPL-032 from the Born Pretty Store. 

Scenario five: The client is a fan of the Hockeyroos and is going to a big game. She would like nail art to show her support for the Hockeyroos. She wants an on-trend design using only the team colours of green and gold. She does not want the Australian flag or any animals included in the design. 

For this design I did a dry marble using "Big Blonde & Beautiful" and "Nicest Kids In Town" by Glam Polish. 



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