New Years Nail Art - Glitter Burnishing + Nail Vinyls

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic start to 2018. For my New Years I wore these glittery spiral star nails. I used a bright holographic gold glitter from the Born Pretty Store, to get the glitter on my nails I used the burnishing technique. This technique involves gently rubbing glitter onto a tacky surface so that they stick to the nail, but also lay flat against the nail. Just simply dipping your nail into glitter, or sprinkling glitter over the top results in the glitter sticking up in all different directions. This means that the glitters are bumpy on the top of the nail, and if using holographic glitters the light reflects at different angles, resulting in a less holographic finish. If you want to see some tutorials on the burnishing technique I highly recommend that you check out these YouTube tutorials by Twi_Star  and Simply Nailogical. After glittering up my nails I used nail vinyls from Xroma Nail Vinyls to create the spiral stars and finished with a glossy top coat from Miss Priss Polish. 

Lighting: In light box

Lighting: In light box

Did you know I also made a YouTube video of this nail art look? That's right, I am giving YouTube a go this year so that I can share how I create my nail art! So head on over to my YouTube Channel and subscribe!



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