Aussie Indie Con Haul!

It has been a little over two weeks since Aussie Indie Con, and I just wanted to say that I had the most AMAZING weekend at Aussie Indie Con!

I went to Indie Con as a vendor with my brand Miss Priss Polish.  I was all set up with my table full of products and rainbow of polishes.

At Indie Con I released my June Exploring The Galaxy Collection. This collection is now available on my Etsy site too. 

For one day only I also had a pre-release of my July Magical Wonders Collection. I was surprised at how popular this collection was and now I can't wait to it's release next month (date still to be confirmed). 

There were so many amazing brands at Indie Con. I was absolutely delighted that I was going to be next to Hayley from Emily de Molly. I tried to control myself while fan-girling all over the place and drooling over her stunning polishes. I also got to meet so many other makers behind the brands which was amazing as I had swatched for some brands before and admired many other brands for a long time. There were also new brands that I hadn't see before, these were mostly make-up and body products but it was still good to see all the new amazing products. 

Ok, so onto my haul... yes, I did buy a lot. 

First up, Graceful Polish. I was drawn to a lot of their creme polishes. I am really looking forward to testing them out for water marbling, gradients and other nail art!

(L>R) Flapper Twin (Indie Con Exclusive), Peony Bloom, Strawberry, Antique Pink, Verbena Blossom, Blueberry. 

Next, Moonstone Polish. Trying to restrain myself from buying everything I settled on these three...

(L>R) Wallflower (Indie Con Exclusive), Holographic Top Coat, Heartlines.

Celestial Polish had so many amazing polishes it was hard to choose! Some I actually brought purely based on the name (can you guess which one? haha).

(L>R) Farting Rainbows (in case you didn't already guess I got this one because of the name), Android Tears, Cheap Distraction, Lust In Space, Doin' The NASAty.

Pretty Serious had a massive sale on so I really had to restrain myself from buying everything! 

(L>R) Doodle Bug, Cutie Patootie, Mad Skull of Cloverton, Very Merry Berry. 

Femme Fatale, a brand I haven't brought from in quite awhile. Since I last brought from them they have had a bottle change and a bit of a change in polish style too, which I am loving I might add!

(L>R) Lodestar (Indie Con Exclusive), Balefire (Indie Con Exclusive), Pride Must Suffer Pain, Grave In A Rose Garden. 

Hit The Bottle is a brand I haven't tried yet, so I was excited to get my hands on some of their stamping polishes. 

(L>R) I Lilac It Like That, Drunk Tank Pink, A Flock of Seagulls, Drop Red Gorgeous, Peacock Shimmer, Spun Gold.

Emily de Molly, one of my all time favourite brands and I was lucky enough to be right next to Hayley at Indie Con! 

(L>R) Water Balance, Hybird Theory, Geode Mine, Sweet Jumps, It's Sunday Somewhere. 

I got more than just polishes from Emily de Molly... I got glitter too! And this beautiful multichrome cuticle pusher. I am super excited to try out these flakes and glitters!!! 

(L>R) Iridescent flakes Multi, Mermaid Glitter, Holographic Flakes, Holographic Pigment. 

But wait... There's more! I got stamping plates! The stamping plate holders are from Emily de Molly and then I brought some Messy Mansion stamping plates (blue protective film) and some Creative Shop plates from Hit The Bottle (clear protective film). 

Ink Blot Bombs was one of the non-polish related vendors at Indie Con. A totally new to me brand that I was excited to check out, and I had to buy some bath bombs to try at home! 

I also brought some non-polish related items from Celestial. Including a scrub, some cuticle balms, and soy wax melts. I will totally be reviewing that scrub and cuticle balms in the coming weeks! 

Last but not least, I have included my mini haul from Powder Perfect. Even though Jacinta couldn't make it to Indie Con she still had an Indie Con polish on her website (and contributed to the VIP bags), plus free shipping for the weekend. So, clearly I had to take advantage of this and felt it should be included in my Indie Con haul.

(L>R) Gallery of Dreams, Moth To A Flame, Divine Pharaoh, Weighing The Heart, Horus, Unpredictable.

I also got the Egyptian themed stamping plate, which I can't wait to try! 

That is everything I got from Indie Con. As I had everything laid out I found that I really do have a "type" of polish that I gravitate towards. 

Now which polishes to try first?! 



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