31DC2016weekly 1: Red

Instead of doing the 31 day challenge over 31 days, a few nail bloggers are doing the challenge over 31 weeks. One nail art challenge per week instead of one a day. I think this sounds much more do-able. I have done the 31 day challenge once before. It's a tough challenge, I was behind most days and almost didn't finish. So I have decided that I am joining in the weekly challenge! The weekly challenge starts on Saturday the 5th of March, and finishes on the same day as the 31 day challenge, Saturday the 1st of October.

The first challenge is red... my favourite colour! So I dug deep into my helmer for some red indie polishes that I haven't used in awhile. I used "Cranberry Glass" by Powder Perfect for my base and then used "Classy Chassis" by Shades of Phoenix for a glitter gradient and then zig-zags for an accent nail.

Lighting: In light box

Lighting: In light box



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