Fancy Nails Product Review

I was sent some fantastic product to review from Fancy Nails. Fancy Nails is a Sydney based nail art supply shop with a variety of goodies including, polish, nail polish wraps, fake nails, glitters, and tools such as nail files and cuticle pushers.

The first thing I tried was the 7 way nail file and buffer. Each side has its steps numbered on it with a cute little nail picture, I guess you could kind of call it a nail emoji. The steps listed are...
Step 1: File nail tips. Step 2: Sharpen nail sides. Step 3: Even out. Step 4: Even out (again, but with a finer grain). Step 5: Smooth. Step 6: Buff. Step 7: Shine. No need for 7 different nail files with this all in one... It's going in my travel nail kit.

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I was sent two different nail wraps. I don't usually wear this sort of thing because I am always painting my nails, and there is no point in wearing something like this when it can last more than a week. It was a bit of a nice change of pace to leave something on my nails for a few days. I tried to see how long they would last, but I gave up and took them off after about 4 days... I just had to paint my nails! They were easy to apply and shape to my nails. They seemed to last a long time (yes, 4 days for me is a long time). There was very little tip ware and no lifting up on the sides. I did seal it in with a good quality top coat, so that might have made a bit of difference. Overall, for a product that I'm not overly familiar with using I was quite impressed. I was worried that I would make a mess of applying them and that they would peel right off after a day or so.

The first up are these cute Smurfs nail wraps.

Lighting: Inside with flash

Lighting: In light box

Lighting: In light box

Next are these beautiful sparkly lace design nail wraps.

Lighting: In light box

Lighting: In light box

Lastly, and most exciting (in my opinion) are these wearable nail soakers! I didn't even know that there was a place in Australia that you could get these from! These are perfect for removing glitter polish - no more foil! I'm sure most of you would be familiar with the foil method for removing glitter polish (if not check out this tutorial by CutePolish), this pretty much eliminates the need for the foil, which I find to be the most annoying, fiddly, and wasteful part.

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They look super dorky when you are wearing them, as my mother kindly pointed out, but they work brilliantly (take that mum!). I removed the nail wraps that I was wearing and then went on to impress my mother by removing the chunky glitter polish I had used on her nails a few days earlier.  They are super easy to use and it works well too.


* This post was found 99% completed in my drafts, so I have finished it and posted it later than it was originally written.


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