Born Pretty Store Nail Art

I'm going to put it out there... I love the Born Pretty Store! It is a fantastic place for all sorts of wonderful nail art accessories, and often my go to place for all nail studs. I was sent some items from the Born Pretty Store to use, and they were all great products.

First up is a simple feather. I used "I Theodora You" by O.P.I. as my base then while the polish was still wet I gently applied the feather and sealed it in with a top coat. I was actually surprised at how much I loved the finished look, but also how easy it was!

Lighting: In light box

Lighting: In light box

Some simple glittery star nail stickers to bling up any nail art! These stars do come in a choice of colors. I chose the silver as I thought they would be the most diverse. For my purple gradient base I used "Pandora" "Eerie" and "Twinkle" by Picture Polish. 

Lighting: In light box

The next two nail art designs are made with the help of one very diverse nail art wheel. I love the idea of getting a variety of nail art accessories in one wheel. It's great for if you're a beginner and want to try out a few new products, or fantastic for a nail art travel kit. 

First up is some golden caviar beads.  I used the caviar beads as the centre of some pretty little daisies. I used "I Theodora You" by O.P.I as my base and then used "Lily White" and "Lacy Daisy" by Ulta3 for my flowers. 

Lighting: In light box

Lucky last, some large round gold nail art studs. I used "Lily White" as my base and then used some nail vinyls to create the V shape with "Blue Marlin" by Ulta3.

Lighting: In light box


* This post was found 99% completed in my drafts, so I have finished it and posted it later than it was originally written.


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