Castle Collection by Powder Perfect

The Castle Collection is a stunning collection by Powder Perfect. I really like this collection as I am a secret lover of creme polishes... Don't get me wrong, I love my holo's, but there is just something satisfying about a flawless creme polish. And these are flawless creme polishes. I was amazed that the cremes in this collection were almost a perfect one coater! For the lighter shades I did use two coats, but I didn't use a top coat for any of my swatch photos. All of these polishes have a very smooth flawless finish, even without a top coat. 

"Recollection" - A creamy nude, perfectly balanced between warm and neutral tones. The colour reminds me of a creamy latte!
Lighting: In light box

"Once Glorious" - A delicate lavender creme polish. Practically perfect in every way.

Lighting: In light box

"Library Dust"- A periwinkle blue creme. Just one coat and no top coat pictured! 

Lighting: In light box

"Crenellations"- A charcoal grey creme polish. Just one coat and no top coat pictured! 

Lighting: In light box

"Gilded Beauty" - A soft copper metallic polish. Almost a one coater, but I used two coat for good measure.,

Lighting: In light box

"Family Crest" - A rich wine red with a soft and subtle pink shimmer. Nothing better than a red! 

Lighting: In light box



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