Monday, 23 March 2015

Ocean Air and Salty Hair by Glam Polish Exclusive to Harlow & Co.

There is going to be a restock of "Ocean Air and Salty Hair" at Harlow & Co. very soon! If everything goes to plan it should be some time this week. The launch of this polish was so popular the first time. I had only just received the polish to swatch when I had been told that it already sold out! This restock will be a limited quantity so it is likely to sell out quickly again. However, there is most likely going to be another restock somewhere down the line.

I love this polish. As soon as I saw it I knew it was going to be a Glam Polish favourite of mine. This polish has a pastel purple base with holo and tiny purple glitters. The perfect shade of purple.

Lighting: Inside with flash

Lighting: In light box



P.S. Sorry if the colours look off. On my computer they looked fine, but then on my laptop the colours looked a bit off.  I do my best to accurately capture the colours of each polish but unfortunately I can't control how it looks on each individual devise.