Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Hand Cream and Cuticle Oil by Iridescent Nails

I was sent a hand cream and cuticle oil to review (along with the new collection - swatches soon) by Iridescent Nails. My nails have been in need of some TLC so this package came at a good time to review.

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The cuticle oil was much like any other indie cuticle oil that I have used. It was long lasting and moisturizing. It is made up of all natural ingredients including avocado oil, almond oil, apricot oil, and vitamin e oil. In order to keep the ingredients pure and natural this oil has been left without added fragrance. The only big down side to this was that I really didn't like the smell. Despite all the swatching I have been doing recently my nails are in quite good condition. I love applying a cuticle oil, like this one, after a long day of swatching and letting it soak in, I love the benefits of vitamin e. 

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The hand cream (unlike the cuticle oil) smelled absolutely divine. I got the French Vanilla scent, and I love it! This one is also made of all natural plan based ingredients including the scents, so it is suitable for sensitive skin. The formula was also really nice. It was smooth and silky. It absorbed quite nicely and still left a faint scent. I often applied this before I went to bed so that it could all soak in during the night. I swear there was still a sweet, faint smell on my hands in the morning. 

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Both of these products, as well as polishes, are all available from Iridescent Nails. Out of these two products I recommend the hand cream. I haven't tried the other scents, but I imagine that they would smell just as nice as the French Vanilla.