Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Two Polishes, One Mani

Me and wonderful nail buddy, Ellie (IG:@nailpolishaddicited1), recently did a nail mail swap. She sent me some wonderful polishes, even some from her own indie brand Bella's Touch Lacquer. I decided to try out two of her polishes at once in one cute and simple mani. I used "Death by Dusk" and then "Crystallize" as my accent nail.

"Death by Dusk" is a beautiful thermal polish with flakies. The thermal change is from a soft purple when cold to a pale blue when warm. I used two coats and a glossy top coat over the top. I didn't even remember that this was a thermal polish when I put it on until I went to wash my hands!

"Crystallize" is the perfect polish for an accent nail. It is a clear base with tiny silver glitters. I like this one so much more than I was expecting to. Other polishes of this type are often too dense for my linking so when applied it is very thick and sometimes clumpy. This one has a perfect formula. I like to work in thin coats, rather than slapping on a thick coat. Since the formula is thinner it requires a few extra coats, but it is totally worth it! Since the formula is thinner it is also a lot more versatile as it can be used as a glitter topper too!

Lighting: In light box

The thermal transition was a little difficult to capture on the nail so I have a close up. You can see a subtle transition on the nail but the best comparison is between my nail and the purple bottle in the background.

Lighting: In light box

I regret not taking a close up of "Crystallize" as well, I think a close up of it would have looked really awesome. Oh well, I am use to be using that polish again soon as it is the perfect polish for glitter accent nails!


P.S. Please excuse my super dry skin and cuticles!