Sunday, 31 August 2014

Powder Perfect Body Products

I love Powder Perfect polishes, but ever since I knew that they also sold body products, such as scrubs and lotions, I wanted to try them. I finally brought some of their body products and I love them!

I picked up a large tub of  Tropical Paradise Sugar Scrub that was on sale. I found that it didn't have much of a tropical scent, but I could smell the ingredients, a raw brown sugar scent. No major complains about the scent though. I love my body scrubs and this one is unlike any that I have used before. It was a little harder and dryer than I was expecting it to be, but that turned out to be a good thing. A full finger full was enough to do my whole body in the shower. It scrubbed really well and felt moisturizing as well as cleansing. It also lasted a long time. I have found that some scrubs kind of just scrub away before you even rinse it off, this one lasted the distance until I rinsed it off. After all my scrubbing my skin felt amazing! 

I also purchased the Birthday Cake Sugar Scrub and Body Balm. The scrub is the same as the other one, including the scent. The body balm was so much nicer than I was expecting it to be. A little went a really long way and it melted into my skin like butter. I chose the birthday cake scent as I was hoping for something sweet and subtle, which is exactly what I got.

Lip balm and cuticle balm tubes were my final purchase. I love the lip balm! It feels so nice and moisturizing. It doesn't feel waxy and it lasts quite awhile too. After it fades away it also doesn't leave my lips feeling dry. In the past I have found that some lip balms are great when you put them on, but they don't last long then make your lips feel dry after. I assume this is so that you keep using their product. The cuticle balm is also really nice. I went with the one in the tube because when I have gotten one that come in little pots my nails are too long and it always end up under my nails. This tube style cuticle balm is a convenient alternative. It is so handy to have in my bag, the only thing is that the cuticle balm and the lip balm come in exactly the same packaging so I have to tell them apart by scent.