Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Unearthed Collection by Moonstone Nail Polish

This fabulous new collection by Moonstone Polish is inspired by rich vibrant shades of beautiful minerals found in the earth. I admired the beauty of these minerals captured into polish form and I think this collection is wonderfully appropriate for a brand named Moonstone Polish.

For each of my swatches I used two coats with out a base colour and a glossy top coat to finish it off. I found these polishes to be really easy to work with even with the dense glitter formula. I loved the brightly pigmented jelly bases with the small glitters, iridescent glitters, and flakies. Each polish has a wonderful shimmer to it and the iridescent glitters give subtle colour changes.

"Rhodonite" - Inspired by the Rhodonite mineral which is a bright pink rose colour often with black manganese veins running through the mineral. The colour of this one is a very bright girly pink!

"Amethyst" - The only polish from this collection that I had actually heard the name of before. This one is, of course, inspired by the violet quartz Amethyst. The purple of this ones looks slightly blue, until you put it next to the blue polish and then it is clearly a very vibrant purple.

"Azurite" - Inspired by the soft, deep blue copper mineral. This one is such an amazing deep, bright blue, and it is so pigmented it's simply wonderful. If you are a lover of blue polishes, you need this in your life!

"Malachite" -  A copper carbonate hydroxide mineral with an opaque green band. Like the other polishes in this collection it is wonderfully pigmented and rich in colour.

"Acanthite" - Inspired by the silver mineral that is most often an iron back colour.  I really like this one, for some reason I like dark colours like this. It's not quite black in colour and the iridescent glitters and flakies give blue/green tones throughout the polish.

"Cerussite" - Also know as white lead ore, this mineral consists of lead carbonate and is a clear white in colour. This is probably my favourite one is polish from this collection. I decided not to use a base colour for this one, exactly why I chose not to I don't know. I really like how this one looks with out a base colour. It is so pretty and delicate.

I highly recommend googling some of the names of these minerals and checking out the pictures. They are beautiful to look at and give a greater appreciation of the inspiration behind the polishes.

This stunning collection will be available from Moonstone Nail Polish at 7pm the 30th of July. Individual bottles will be sold for $9.50 and the whole collection will be available with a generous 10% discount at $51.30.