Saturday, 10 May 2014

Untired Polishes by Glam Polish

This month I am giving some love to those untired polishes. Today I have some random polishes by Glam Polish that I only just got around to testing out.

"King of all the Candy!!!" - This polish was from What's In-die Box (I can't remember what month). When I saw this polish I was disappointed that I didn't get that months box. Lucky me, I brought it from a blog sale! I dabbed one coat over "My Vampire is Buff" by O.P.I.

"Fairy Princess Gru!" - So cute and girly, I love this polish! Especially layered over 'Wisteria" by Picture Polish, it is the perfect combination of colourful, yet soft, and girly. This has just become a favourite combination and I can't wait to wear it again. 

"Christmas in Whoville" - This is a cute little mini that I got with one of my orders from around Christmas time. This polish has a bright mix of colours along with a few stars in a bright/light blue base. It is so cute!

I still have heaps of untired polishes to try and get through this month, including more polishes from Glam Polish!