Friday, 30 May 2014

The Precious Collection by Hollish Polish

The Hollish Winter 2014 collection features 10 full coverage micro glitter polishes in metallic and jewel tones. The 5 polishes that I have are the jewel tone polishes and it includes colourful micro glitters in a clear base. These polishes will be available from the 31/5 from the Hollish Etsy store. They dry slightly matte and textured but are super sparkly! A top coat easily smooths out the glitter and really enhances the amount of sparkle. As much as I am dedicated to my top coat, I actually prefer these without a top coat. All of these polishes had the same formula. When I first saw the formula of these polishes I was skeptical that I would get full coverage in a reasonable number of coats. I was happily proven wrong.  For each swatch I used three thin coats, and waited for it to dry in between each coat. For each polish  I have two photos, first is without a top coat, the other is with a glossy top coat. Both photos are taken in direct sunlight.