Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Shangri-La Collection by PrettyPots Polish

This is the Shangri-La Collection from PrettyPots Polish. A collection of six extravagant colours! The polishes in this collection are inspired by the idea of a mystical, exotic and elusive utopia that are described in the book "Lost Horizons" by James Hilton.

"Epiphany" - The base of this one is yellow with green undertones to it with orange and gold glitters. The base for this one was a bit thin so I layered two coats over "Mellow Yellow" by Picture Polish. My favorite part about this one is the gold star glitters.

"Emerald Brocade" - An emerald green jelly base with yellow hex, pink dots, and green diamonds. The formula on this one was amazing. I only needed two coats to get full coverage. I did add a third thin coat to add in some extra glitters and completely cover up any viable nail line.

"Valley of the Azure Moon" - A bright blue jelly packed with different white and silver glitters. I love the name of this polish, it sounds so mystical. The formula on this one is really good as well, three thin coats just to be sure to cover up any visible nail line.

"Azalea Heirloom" - Butterflies with small pink, purple, and blue hex in a purple jelly. This one is very pretty and girly, I love the added butterflies. This had the same formula as the previous two. For my swatch I used three thin coats plus a glossy top coat.

"Snowstorm Paramour" - Iridescent bar glitter, large pink holo dots, and small blue and white hex in a bright pink jelly base. I had to do  bit of fishing for the large holo dots, but that is to be expected.  For this one I used four thin coats to cover up my visible nail line and add a little extra glitter. I love the addition of the iridescent glitters. At the right angle it reflects all the colours of the rainbow through the bright pink base.

"City Lights, Secret Shadows" - A rainbow of glitters in a black jelly base. My personal favourite from the collection. I love the mix of bright colours that pop through the dark base. For my swatch I used three thin coats plus a glossy top coat.

I think that this has been one of the best collections so far from PrettyPots. I really liked the jelly formula on all of these polishes and the glitter to base ratio was brilliant!

This collection is available as of today from the PrettyPots store.

Note: There was some problems with the suspension base in the first batch but Jalene has assured me that the problem has been corrected. Basically what this means is you wont have to fish for any of the glitters, yay!