Friday, 16 May 2014

Nail Art Sticker Stencils by Sticky Nails

I was sent some awesome nail stencils from Sticky Nails to review. These are the coolest designs I have seen! The designs are super sticky and so much easier to use compared to using normal sticky tape. Most nail stencils that I have seen are mostly chevrons, but Sticky Nails has amazing and creative designs, including creepy spiderwebs and awesome explosive nail stencils. They also have more fun designs, but I am going to show off the spiderwebs and explosive stencils that I was sent. You can check out their Etsy shop for all the awesome designs.

I hate spiders but these web stencils are so creative. I found that when peeling them off the base the whole design came off, along with the little bits in between the web holes. I had to take the little bits out in between the spiderweb design with a small pair of tweezers. I used "Cool Grey" by Sinful Colors as my base then once my nails were completely dry I applied the stencil where I wanted it. Then I sponged on "Beyond" by Color Club over the top of the stencil. I chose to sponge on the polish rather than painting it on over the design to prevent any leaking underneath the stencil. The spiderweb stencil sheet came with four different size webs and also has some spider and bat stencils. I haven't used the bat stencils yet but I did give the spider a try over the top of one of my webs. I probably should have sponged on the polish again as I found it gave a cleaner line than brushing the polish on.

My favourite is the explosive stencil. I had to do come comic inspired nail art with these. I had no problem using these and they peeled off the backing sheet without any problems. This sheet of explosive stencils comes in a variety of four sizes, and for my nail art I used the two middle sizes. After my spotty base was completely dry I applied the stencil and used white polish to create the explosive effect. I then outlined the explosion by hand and painted on some words. The polishes I used for this are "Piccadilly" by Polished London, "Cherry Red" by Sally Hansen, "Blue Marlin" by Ulta3, "Snow Me White" by Sinful Colors, and Barry-M Nail Art Pen in black.

These stencils are amazing and I can't wait to use them again.