Thursday, 17 April 2014

Halloween in April

Yes, I know, Halloween is in October. I am sure that most of us would have heard of "Christmas in July" so this year I am having "Halloween in April." The reason for Halloween in April is my birthday. I am having  big party for my birthday this year and I was trying to think of a fun theme. When I lived in America Halloween was my favorite holiday. It was so much fun! Everyone in the town go involved, even the teachers would dress up! Almost every Halloween my family and I had massive Halloween parties and we even made a haunted house in our garage and around the side of the house. Everyone who came trick or treating to our house loved our haunted house, they were even in our driveway calling friends to come and check it out. Doing a haunted house required a lot of decorations that we ended up bringing it all home to Australia. For my Birthday party I am hoping to recreate the fun atmosphere of Halloween and get some more use out of all the decorations we brought home.

Getting into the Halloween spirit I have done some Halloween nail art. I also plan on doing some swatches of some Halloween themed polishes.

First up is zombie/Frankenstein's monster nails. Part of this was inspired by @strawbrie on Instagram. I used O.P.I "Green-wich Village" "Jade is the New Back" Sinful Colors "Cool Grey" black and white polishes and BarryM Nail Art Pen in Black.

Speckled candy corn gradient. Inspired by @sloteazzy on Instragram. I used Ulta3 "Lily White" and Polished London "London Eye" and "Piccadilly" for the gradient and topped it off with "Monochrome Madness" by Coral Colours.

Creepy graveyard nail art. Another one inspired by @sloteazzy on Instagram. For the back ground I sponged grey, black and white polishes together until I was happy with the result, then I used the Black BarryM Nail Art Pen to do the graveyard scene.

Last one for this post is dripping blood and bloody finger print nail art. I used Ulta3 "Lily White" as my base then hand painted on the dripping blood with Sally Hansen "Cherry Red" and stamped on the finger print using BM-414.

I hope you in enjoyed part one of Halloween in April! Next up I will have my nails that matched my costume for my party!