Sunday, 20 April 2014

Halloween in April - Party Nails

I had a fantastic Halloween themed birthday party! I dressed up as Cleopatra, so of course, I had to do some nail art!

I used "No Room For The Blues" by O.P.I as my base colour (except my ring finger which I just painted black) then outlined my nails with the Black BarryM Nail Art Pen. I sponged black polish onto my index and little finger then used the white glitters from "Mix and Match" by Bella's Touch Lacquer for the glitter placement. On my ring finger I used white polish to hand paint the Egyptian key of life symbol. This mani (and my costume) was partly inspired by the Katy Perry "Dark Horse" music video and the amazing inspired nails by @nailz_craze on Instagram.

I am fascinated by ancient Egyptian history and I am surprised it has taken me this long to do Egyptian themed nails. I hope to be doing some more Egyptian nails soon, if anyone has some ideas for Egyptian nail art please feel free to share!