Monday, 21 April 2014

Coral Colours - Party FX Graffiti Glitter Top Coat

Tonight I am sharing the Party FX Graffiti Glitter top coats by Coral Colours. This is a collection of eight every different and unique glitter combinations in a clear base. I picked these polishes up from my local pharmacy awhile ago and I am finally getting around to trying them out. I've been meaning to swatch these glitters for ages, so I had a late night swatch-a-thon and tested out my new light box along the way. I am glad that main stream brands are becoming more creative with their polishes and glitter combinations. The glitter toppers in this collection have fun and unique glitter combinations.  For each of my swatches I used two dabbed coats. The formula was pretty much the same for each polish, not too thick and easy to apply.

"Lazer Lights" over "Black on Black" by Sinful Colors. A fun combination of gold bar glitters, medium pink hex, and small teal glitters.

"Disco Ball" over "Flirty Bikini" by Ulta3. This polish is a mix of soft purple glitters with dark blue bar glitter.

"Monochrome Madness" over "Cherry Red" by Sally Hansen. A classic combination of matte black and white hexes and bar glitters.

"I Love The Night Life" over "Cool Grey" by Sinful Colors. This is my favorite combination of glitters with medium blue hex, small orange glitters, and black bars glitters.

"Fireworks" over "Lily White" by Ulta3. The red and blue hex and bar glitters in this polish layered over white remind me of 4th of July in America.

"Disco Ball" over "Soft Hydrangea" by Ulta3. This one is a cute mix of purple and blue glitters.

"Party FX" over "Soft Hydrangea" by Ulta3. A combination of matte, dark blue bar glitters, white hex, and medium and small pastel purple glitters.

"The Main Event" over "Cherry Red" by Sally Hansen. A fancy combination of silver and gold hex, with black bar glitters.