Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bunny Trail Nail Art

I had to do a few cute manis with the new limited edition polishes from the Glam Polish Bunny Trail Collection.

The first mani I did included all of the polishes from the Bunny Trail Collection. I started with "Hop Till You Drop" over white, then sponged the other colours from the collection onto the tips of my nails. Thumb: "Bunny Love" Index: "Spring Has Sprung" Middle: "It's a Good Hare Day" Ring: "Lil' Chickadee" Little: "For Peep's Sake"

The next one is inspired by two lovely ladies on Instagram @xxlovelauren and @carlysisoka. I did a half moon glitter placement with "Hope Till You Drop" with a full placement as an accent nail. I love the colours in this glitter topper and it is perfect for glitter placements.