Friday, 28 February 2014

Powder Perfect - Abandoned Mansion Collection

I could attempt to describe this collection in my own words, but Jacinta's description of the collection is pure poetry:

"Experience the crumbling facades, secret spaces and neglected luxuries of eras long past with our new collection – Abandoned Mansion. This collection has 10 polishes that feature finishes ranging from crème to glitter and scattered holographic polishes. The shades were inspired by the ethereal and, sometimes, desolate imagery that has been prevalent in every TV show and book I have picked up over the past year. They are colours you see in your mind as you think of old houses with grand fireplaces, cold stone walls, European forests and gothic fairy tales." 

Yep, pure poetry.The inspiration behind this collection is something I would have never thought to inspire nail polish, but it works perfectly. The names and colors of the polishes create detailed images in my mind like no other collection. I also love the new labels, they are so pretty and also seem to fit in with the collection. 

"Fallen Chandelier". The only glitter topper from the collection. Heaps of different shapes and sizes of silver glitters. Super sparkly! I dabbed two coats over black with a top coat to smooth it out.

"Secret Passageway". This one is beautiful. A light grey base with gold/copper glitter flakes. For my swatch I used three thin coats then added a top coat. It dries to a textured finish so you could leave it as a textured finish but I chose to add a top coat to smooth it out.

"Lost Family Portrait."  A blue/teal cream. The colour is great, the formula is a little streaky but working in layers and adding a top coat resulted in a flawless finish. Since I always use a top coat this really isn't a big deal anyway. For my swatch I used three thin coats with a top coat.

"Hidden Well". A beautiful blue jelly packed with glitter. Lots of depth to this one. For my swatch I used three thin coats with two coats of Seche Vite to smooth it out. This one also dries on its own to a slightly textured finish.

"Creeping Vines". So many different kinds of glitter including shards, hexes, and dots packed into a shimmering jelly green base. For this one I had to work in thin coat allowing for each coat to dry before adding another so as not to drag the glitters on the lower layers. This one also required a bit of dabbing and glitter placement. Again, this is another polish that shows a lot of depth, so pretty. For my swatch I used three thin coats with a top coat.

"Fog Is Rolling In".  This one was hard to capture but is really interesting to look at as it always seems to be shifting colour. In the bottle it is more of a purple shade, but in the sunlight it is more of a steel colour with purple undertones. This one also had an amazing formula, just two coats.

"Widow's Walk". Simply an amazing deep purple scattered holo. So beautiful. Probably one of my personal favorites from the collection. For my swatch I used three thin coats with a top coat.

"Peeling Wallpaper".  A delicious purple cream. Like the other cream polish in this collection it was a little streaky, but a quick top coat gave a flawless finish. Both of the creams in this collection are really pigmented, which it great! I love the strong rich colours. I used three thin coats plus a top coat for my swatch.

"Fading Tapestry".  I could take photos of this polish all day and still not capture how awesome this is. An amazing scattered red holo with strong gold/orange undertones. Another personal favourite. For my swatch I used three thin coats plus a top coat. 

Last but not least is "Four Poster Bed". I loved this one, but found it really difficult to capture. I looked down at my nails and saw amazing depth and glitter, then I looked through my camera and it was all dark and the light just reflected off my nails, just bleh. So I added a matte top coat and my camera was able to handle the depth... Amazing.  This polish required a little dabbing and glitter placement and allowing each layer to dry so as not to drag the glitters, but it was worth it. For my swatch I used four coat with one coat of Seche Vite then O.P.I.'s matte top coat to finish it off. 

While researching the collection Jacinta came across photography of abandoned mansions and homes in Eurpore by Andre Govia. The photos are amazing and have an eeriness about them. It is worth a look, so check it out HERE and HERE.

The Abandoned Mansion collection is now available from Powder Perfect