Sunday, 23 February 2014

Peita's Polish - Chicago Collection

A fabulous collection by Peita's Polish inspired by the musical Chicago. This collection contains mostly Floam style polishes (similar to those polishes from Peita's Polish Sweet Treats Collection), but with added sparkle!

First up is the super sparkly "Mr. Cellophane." A sparkly silver with a scattered holographic glow. I love this one, I can see myself using it as an accent nail a lot. For my swatch I used three thin coats and a top coat. Swatch photos are in shade and direct sunlight.

Next  up is "Roxy." When I first looked at this polish I felt like I would have to use a few coats to reach opacity. I was wrong. I only had to use two thin coats. It also has a slight shimmer to it. This bright red jelly is amazingly pigmented! If you are a hoarder of red polishes, this one is for you! 

"Razzle Dazzle" has white, medium and dark blue glitters in a clear base. This one has a touch of sparkle to it as well as the matte floam style glitters. For my swatch I layered two thin coats of "Baby's got the Blues" by Miss Ashleigh with a top coat.

"Good to Mama" This one is made up of matte white, teal. and purple glitters. I layered two thin coats over "Ski Teal We Drop" by O.P.I. with a top coat. 

"Cell Block Tango" has a really interesting mix of matte glitters including teal, purple, and yellow glitters. My swatch shows two thin coats over "Funky Dunkey" by O.P.I. 

"Funny Honey" I love the colour combination of this one! Pink, black, and yellow matte glitters. I layered two coats over black, and I love how it makes the pink and yellow pop! 

"All that Jazz" I love this one. It is soft and girly with just a touch of glitter, so pretty.  This one has sparkly pink glitter and matte white and yellow glitter. Two thin coats over "Pink Firday" by O.P.I. 

"Reach for the Gun" Can't go wrong with sparkly black, red, and silver. Another winning combination! For my swatch I used one thin coat over black.

All of these polishes are packed with glitter and work best in thin coats, but overall they are good formulas.

The Chicago Collection is now available from Peita's Polish on Etsy and Bigcartel stores with international shipping available.