Sunday, 12 January 2014

PrettyPots Cinematic Collection

Who is ready for another fun collection from PrettyPots? This next collection is inspired by movies and characters from movies, always a good source of inspiration in my opinion.  This collection contains some amazing glitter bombs, some crellies, and a glitter topper.

So that I don't repeat myself several times, all my swatches are topped off with a coat of Seche Vite, and for my matte top coat I am using one by PrettyPots (I will have a review up for PrettyPots Matte Top Coat soon).

"Heart of the Ocean" is inspired by Rose's necklace in Titanic. This polish has blue, green, and a touch of purple glitter in a dark blue jelly base. This one takes about three coats on its own, but I chose to dab one coat over "I saw... U saw... We saw... Warsaw" by O.P.I.  A super glitter packed polish! Seriously, look how much glitter you get in just one coat! Awesome glitter coverage, but this can also make the polish a bit thick so it takes some dabbing so spread it around evenly, nothing out of the usual for a polish of this type. There are a few polishes like this in the collection.



"Burlesque Baby" is inspired by the glamour and complexities of show business in the movie Burlesque. This one has a really thin red jelly base that is packed with micro glitters. This is packed with glittery goodness including red and purple dots, holo diamonds, and red hex glitter and a few stars. I layered one coat over black. I love how this one looks over black as it shows up all the sparkle in the base! This one had quite a good formula as it went on smoothly and I hardly had to do any fishing for the larger glitters.

"Gatsby Party" is, of course, inspired by Jay Gatsby's extravagant parties in the movie the Great Gatsby. This polish is dark but colourful with a black jelly base packed with purple, red, gold, blue, and silver glitters. For my swatch I layered one coat over black. I love this one as it is so unique! The formula for this one was also good as it went on smoothly. 

"Imaginarium" is inspired by the movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. A white crelly base with neon yellow, blue, pink, orange and turquoise glitters. My favourite thing about this polish is the neon yellow glitter! For my swatch I layered three smooth, thin coats. I then also added a PrettyPots Matte Top Coat. 



"Katniss" is inspired by Katniss from The Hunger Games.  This is a bright orange jelly with gold micro bar glitters, white rectangles, brown, orange and yellow hex, pink dots, and holo squares. I layered three coats, then added PrettyPots Matte Top Coat.

"Miss Wallflower" inspired by the movie Perks of being a Wallflower. This is a matte glitter topper with seven different matte glitters. This contains pink flowers, pink hex, turquoise squares, yellow hex, light purple hex, light blue squares and white hex. I layered one coat with some extra flowers dabbed over Sinful Colors "Cupids Arrow" then added a matte top coat. I hardly had to do any fishing for the large flower glitters!
"Girl in the Green Scarf" is inspired by Rebecca Bloomwood from the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic. This polish has a thin, sparkly green jelly base packed with hot pink squares and blue hex. This is one of those polishes that you can layer over itself in about three coats or over a base colour. I chose to layer one coat over "Ski Teal We Drop" by O.P.I. 


"Time Traveller" inspired by the movie The Time Traveller's Wife. A purple jelly packed with blue, purple, and pink glitters. Again it could be used on it's own but I chose to layer it over a base colour. I really do like glitters over a base colour! For my swatch I layered one coat over "Funky Dunkey" by O.P.I.

"Queen Bee Wannabe" is inspired by the very popular chick flick, Mean Girls. I love this one! It is so cute and girly. A light pink crelly base with pink and purple stars, pink dots, turquoise squares, and silver holo squares. I also added a matte top coat. 


"Breakfast at Tiff's" is inspired by the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. This is my pick from the collection because I love pastel colours with just a touch of sparkle! This polish has a pastel mint base with mirco crystal glitters and gold holo squares. I only needed two coats for my swatch! I also love this with a matte top coat! 
Currently this collection is available from pre-order through the PrettyPots Etsy store for a discounted price. Pre-orders will be sent out when the collection becomes available on the 20th of January.
This collection will also be available from PrettyPots new Big Cartel store, as well as through international stock list  Beauty So Fly.