Monday, 20 January 2014

Pretty Perfect

I am very excited to be sharing swatches from the Pretty Perfect Package. This package is a PrettyPots and Powder Perfect collaboration. It contains four full size polishes for $40 including postage and is now available from Powder Perfect. Get in fast because there are only 20 available! This is such a stunning combination of polishes and I love all of them!

"Paquita" by PrettyPots has a blackstar red base with micro fuchsia, pink, red and silver glitters. This polish is inspired by the Paquita ballet. I was extremely impressed with this one as I have usually found that polishes with this much glitter and sparkle are a bit thick and clumpy. I feel that glittery polishes like this don't hit that balance with having the right amount of glitter, therefore making it too thick or thin. The glitter to base ratio on this polish was spot on!!! Not too thick or too thin! For my swatch I used two coats with a top coat.


"Pretending I'm A Mermaid" by Powder Perfect is a very sparkly blue polish with a hint of silver and green. This one almost looks like a textured polish in these pictures, but it's not, it is just really sparkly! This polish also hit a really nice glitter to base ratio and I only had to use two coats with a top coat. The inspiration behind this one comes from Jacinta's memories of spending childhood vacations at swimming pool and at the beach with her sister pretending to be mermaids. I remember doing the exact same thing when I was younger.


"Midnight Planning" by Powder perfect is a dark purple jelly packed with dot and hex glitter! Inspired by those moments when you're in bed when you suddenly have the best idea ever. I love the inspiration behind this one, I am sure we have all had those moments before, me included! For my swatch I layered three thin coats with a top coat, then added matte top coat. For a jelly this polish is amazingly pigmented while still showing off the glitter. Perfection. 


"Rockstar Rebel" by PrettyPots is a pastel pink crelly with a fun mix of pink, purple, black and white glitters including hot pink stars! In general I love crelly polishes with glitter, and this one had a nice smooth formula that was easy to work with. For my swatch I used three thin coats with a matte top coat.