Thursday, 23 January 2014

Glam Polish - Festival Collection

There are big things coming from Glam Polish this year! To kick off the January releases we have the Festival Collection featuring jelly polishes with a mix of iridescent glitters and micro flakies.

For this collection the formulas where all quite similar. I used two coats with a top coat for most of my swatches. I found that these polishes were a tiny bit thicker than what Glam Polish formulas usually are, but with all the glitter packed into them they are still really workable. In the sunlight the polishes show the boldness of the base colours but the iridescent glitters show up best in the shade and reflect amazing colour. This collection is so much more stunning in real life!

"Songbird" is a bright pink jelly packed with iridescent glitters and microflakies.

"Diamonds on the Inside" is a purple with iridescent microflakies. 

"Nightminds" is an amazing blue jelly with iridescent glitters and microflakies.

"Sunrise over Sea" is a green jelly filled with iridescent glitters and microflakies. 

Lastly is "Distant Sun." Rainbow iridescent glitters, blue pear microflakies, and holo particles in a clear base. For my swatch I used one coat over black. Yes, just one coat! This would have to be my pick from the collection because of how stunning it is and how versatile it can be too.

This collection, along with two other trios, will be available for pre order from the 23rd of January. Shades will be available individually for $9.95 except "Diamonds on the Inside" which will be $10.95.  Glam Polish offers shipping to Australia and America. Shades should be available from International stockists around late February.