Monday, 27 January 2014

New Shades of Phoenix

I have swatches of two new Shades of Phoenix polishes being released tonight at 7pm!

"Phoenix 2.0" I did two different swatches of this one to show what it looks like over different colours. I love the iridescent glitters in this one. It also has fiery orange hexes and pink, red, and green dots. This one really needs to be left upside down for a bit before use to make it easier to fish out the dot glitter. For both of my swatches I used two coat. My first swatch is over "Funky Dunkey" by O.P.I.

Next is two coats of "Phoenix 2.0" over "Fly" by O.P.I. 


"Erzulie." I love the combination of glitters in this one! This polish has white bar glitter and white hearts, grey, purple, pink and black hexes of different sizes. Again it helped to leave the bottle upside down before use to help fish out the larger glitters. I layered two to three coats over Ulta3 "Lilac Bloom."

Glam Polish - Hollywood Magic Trio

As part of the January releases from Glam Polish we have the Hollywood Magic Trio. I am in love with this trio! The collection features a cute combination of pastel dots (yay) and holographic glitter (double yay) in all different shapes and sizes.

"Old Hollywood." When I think of old Hollywood I think of black and white movies and bright red lipstick, so that is why I chose Sally Hansen "Cheery Red" as my base. This is one coat plus a few larger glitters dabbed on. I love the combination of different holo, black, and white shapes including dots, diamonds, stars and Mickey Mouse heads!

"A Star is Born." So soft and pretty. I dabbed one coat over "Baby's got the Blues" by Miss Ashleigh. This polish is a mix of light blue and green dots, with holo dots and stars in a sparkly clear base. 

"Screen Siren."  So cute and girly. I dabbed one coat over "Pink Friday" by O.P.I. A mix of light pink and purple dots, hot pink diamonds, and holo bow glitters in a sparkly clear base.

This trio is part of the January releases that are available for pre-order from the 23rd of January. This trio will be available individually for $9.95. Glam Polish ships to Australia and America and will be available from international stockists about late February.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Glam Polish - Rydell High Part 1

The Rydell High Collectors Series by Glam Polish is inspired by the movie musical Grease.

This collection is being broken up over three months, January, February, and March. Each month three new limited edition polishes are released as part of the collection.

Polishes in this collection are scattered holographic neon's with shimmery micro flakies.

To start of January there are three amazing colours. These polish have great formulas, as expected from Glam Polish. For each of my swatches I used three thin coats plus a top coat, and photos are taken in direct sunlight.

"Look at me, I'm Sanda Dee"

"Summer Nights"

"Hopelessly Devoted"

The January releases are now available for pre-order and cost $10.95 each. Glam Polish ships to Australia and America. A small quantity will be available from international stockists at a later date.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Glam Polish - Festival Collection

There are big things coming from Glam Polish this year! To kick off the January releases we have the Festival Collection featuring jelly polishes with a mix of iridescent glitters and micro flakies.

For this collection the formulas where all quite similar. I used two coats with a top coat for most of my swatches. I found that these polishes were a tiny bit thicker than what Glam Polish formulas usually are, but with all the glitter packed into them they are still really workable. In the sunlight the polishes show the boldness of the base colours but the iridescent glitters show up best in the shade and reflect amazing colour. This collection is so much more stunning in real life!

"Songbird" is a bright pink jelly packed with iridescent glitters and microflakies.

"Diamonds on the Inside" is a purple with iridescent microflakies. 

"Nightminds" is an amazing blue jelly with iridescent glitters and microflakies.

"Sunrise over Sea" is a green jelly filled with iridescent glitters and microflakies. 

Lastly is "Distant Sun." Rainbow iridescent glitters, blue pear microflakies, and holo particles in a clear base. For my swatch I used one coat over black. Yes, just one coat! This would have to be my pick from the collection because of how stunning it is and how versatile it can be too.

This collection, along with two other trios, will be available for pre order from the 23rd of January. Shades will be available individually for $9.95 except "Diamonds on the Inside" which will be $10.95.  Glam Polish offers shipping to Australia and America. Shades should be available from International stockists around late February.