Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Polish!

For Christmas 2013 Femme Fatale came out with three Christmas polishes, but I decided to just get two of them. I got "Tree Disguise Kit" and "Snowy Bramble." 

"Tree Disguise Kit" is exactly what a Christmas tree in a bottle should look like - Amazing! I dabbed two really thin coats over "Green-Wich Village" by O.P.I. A thin, dark green jelly base with a bit of shimmer, packed with green bar glitters and different sized holo dots. I found some of the bar glitters to be a bit annoying, so that required a little patience but over all the formula wasn't too bad.


"Snowy Bramble" is like a white Christmas version of "Tree Disguise Kit" but with stars, absolutely AMAZING! I dabbed two thin coats over "Baby's Got the Blues" by Miss Ashleigh. And just because this looked so amazing it decided to be a hard one to photograph, of course! I got heaps of compliments on this while I was at work :)