Monday, 18 November 2013

Shades of Phoenix sample polishes

I am a sucker for a sample sale. A limited number of one off polishes, how could I possibly resist?

The first sample I only got one polish, "Strawberry Jizz" This polish has different pink and red glitters in a creamy pink base. I used two coats for my swatch. It kind of dried to a textured finish on its own but I slapped on some Glossy Glam top coat and it was good to go. 

The next sample sale I ended up with three polishes... no idea how that happened!

"Holy Bat Crap" is a glitter topper with white, blue, yellow, and black glitters. Unfortunately, I could not fish out any of the black glitters to save my life! I found that this one was not as densely packed with glitters as I was expecting so for my swatch I layered 2-3 coats over Coral Colours "Smokin Grey."


"Twinkle me Pink" is a super girly glitter topper packed with all different shapes, sizes, and shades of pastel purple glitters. At first I was going to layer this one over a soft base, such as a white or purple polish, but then I realised that I do that too often and decided to go with a contrasting black base instead. I love how it turned out! For my swatch I used one coat, with a few extra stars dabbed on.





Love, Love, Love this one!! "Sunset Candy" it's just so perfect for summer! I dabbed two coats over a bright orange and yellow gradient. For my gradient I used Ulta3 "Tangerine Tango" and "Honolulu." I was expecting to have to do a bit of fishing for the flower glitters but they came out in bunches!



Just a quick note: These swatches were done last week, but because my computer has been broken I haven't been able to edit or upload any photos recently (not that I actually keep up to date with my posts anyway). My mum has let me borrow her laptop for a few days (yay) but I am not used to the screen on it so apologies if the photos look a bit weird. I have found that they look fine on the computer when I edit them but then when I email them to myself to post them on IG they look really dark and the dimensions are off. I think it is just me not being used to this screen, or IG is being weird. And it has also been raining, so no sunlight swatches. :(