Sunday, 24 November 2013

It is going to be a Creepy Christmas

Today I have four polishes from the Shades of Phoenix Creepy Christmas Collection. This collection is inspired by The Night Before Christmas and is available now! The collection contains eight unique polishes, some Christmassy, and some are a bit more on the creepy side.  ;)

First up is "I had a Terrible Vision" inspired by Sally. This polish has a dusty purple/blue base and contains a unique combination of glitters including black shards, matte pink, yellow, and green hex, tiny purple bars, and tiny purple glitters that give off a slight shimmer at the right angle. I used three thin coats for my swatch (but you could easily get away with just two coats) and a top coat. 

Inside with flash


Oh My GLOW! This is "I am the shadow on the moon at night" and it GLOWS! I layered two thin coats over "Snow me White" by Sinful Colors, it adds a slight green tint to the white as you can see in the pictures, but it is totally worth it! I charged it up under my desk lamp for a few seconds and turned out the lights. At first the glow is really strong and defined, but then fades to a more soft glow after a few min. I also took way too many pictures of this one.  :)





"Skellington" inspired by Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love how most indie makers are creating typical red and green Christmas polishes, while Teneil is creating a polish with awesome SKULL GLITTER!!! I had some trouble deciding what to layer this polish over as I wanted a base that would look good with both the black and white glitters, as well as the holo gold circles. Eventually I settled on "Don't Pretzel my Buttons" by O.P.I. For my swatch I used one coat, then some extra fishing for the larger glitters and dabbed them on top. Photos are in direct sunlight and outside shade.  I love this one so much, I didn't want to take it off!

Lastly I have "You're Head of the Team, Zero." This is such a beautiful iridescent glitter topper that reflects mostly blues with a bit of yellow and green. Sadly, I didn't do this polish justice. I wanted to layer it over a dark colour, but not black.  I chose "I saw... U saw... We saw... Warsaw" by O.P.I. but  then later decided that this was not a good choice as the iridescent glitters reflect a blue colour and they weren't every noticeable over the blue base. (I also apologise about the stained cuticles, the blue base is horrible for staining. If just a tiny bit gets on my cuticles it spreads, it stains them for at least two days!)