Friday, 22 November 2013

Cast a Spell Collection by Glam Polish

It is no secret that Glam Polish is one of my all time favourite indie brands. So today I am every excited to be showing off the new Cast a Spell Collection. This collection has five every sparkly holographic polishes. The formula on all of these polishes is amazing, and I have learnt to expect nothing less from this brand. Most of the polishes in this collection have a similar formula consisting of a jelly base with scattered holo and small hex glitters. All of my swatches are two coats in direct sunlight with a top coat.

First up is a bight, sophisticated red called "Coven." This one is super vibrant in direct sunlight and is just a tiny bit darker inside, but still just as sparkly.


Next up is an amazing blue called "High Priestess."  This one was hard to capture. It sparkles in the sunlight but my camera just couldn't capture it. The colour is amazing, it reminds me of a glacier blue. When I was in Alaska I took a helicopter ride to the top of a glacier, the shades of blue through the glacier are so pure and indescribably beautiful that just can't be captured. This polish reminds me of that same ice blue.

This is a stunning emerald green called "Conjuring."  By far one of the best green polishes, ever! It was as if this polish was infused with dazzling emeralds. Yep, it's that good.

The next two are my favourites from this collection. The darker base colours seemed to make the holo sparkle more noticeable. This dark blue is "Book of Shadows." It is an amazing blue in direct sunlight, that looks slightly darker inside.

Lastly is "Tempestarii." Like all the other polishes in this collection, it is nothing short of stunning! This was the only polish that didn't have small hex glitters throughout. This one also looks slightly darker out of direct sunlight.

I wish my photos did these polishes justice for how amazing they are.
The Cast a Spell Collection is now available for pre-order from Glam Polish. See the Glam Polish site for shipping information and international stockists.