Saturday, 30 November 2013

Phoenix Kisses

I have another Shades of Phoenix polish that I could not live without. "Phoenix Kisses" is an exclusive polis to MeiMei's Signatures. A beautiful pink polish with holo butterflies. This particular polish had an outstanding formula. Normally Shades of Phoenix polishes have good formulas but this one exceeded expectations. For my swatch I used two coats (with a few extra butterflies dabbed on) and a top coat.



Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hurricane Blurple - Reformulated

The very popular "Hurricane Blurple" by PrettyPots Polish has been reformulated. "Hurricane Blurple 2.0" polish is densely packed with tiny purple and blue glitters, with some slightly larger hex glitters in a clear base.  For my swatch I used two thin coats over a dark purple base with a top coat. You could use this polish on its own, but it would be about three to four coats. I found the formula of this one to be easier to work with than the original formula, but I did like the holo diamond glitters in the original. I still really like this one as the purple/blue shift is so pretty.
Now for the photos, lots of photos! 


Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Today I have re-swatched an amazing polish by Shades of Phoenix. This is "You're Head of the Team, Zero" from the Creepy Christmas Collection, and it is such a stunner! I was not happy with my last swatch as the stained cuticles, and poor choice of base colour didn't look so great and didn't do this polish justice. For this swatch I used two thin coats over black with a top coat. This is one of the best iridescent glitter toppers I have ever tried. It has an awesome combination of shapes and colours.



Sunday, 24 November 2013

It is going to be a Creepy Christmas

Today I have four polishes from the Shades of Phoenix Creepy Christmas Collection. This collection is inspired by The Night Before Christmas and is available now! The collection contains eight unique polishes, some Christmassy, and some are a bit more on the creepy side.  ;)

First up is "I had a Terrible Vision" inspired by Sally. This polish has a dusty purple/blue base and contains a unique combination of glitters including black shards, matte pink, yellow, and green hex, tiny purple bars, and tiny purple glitters that give off a slight shimmer at the right angle. I used three thin coats for my swatch (but you could easily get away with just two coats) and a top coat. 

Inside with flash


Oh My GLOW! This is "I am the shadow on the moon at night" and it GLOWS! I layered two thin coats over "Snow me White" by Sinful Colors, it adds a slight green tint to the white as you can see in the pictures, but it is totally worth it! I charged it up under my desk lamp for a few seconds and turned out the lights. At first the glow is really strong and defined, but then fades to a more soft glow after a few min. I also took way too many pictures of this one.  :)





"Skellington" inspired by Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love how most indie makers are creating typical red and green Christmas polishes, while Teneil is creating a polish with awesome SKULL GLITTER!!! I had some trouble deciding what to layer this polish over as I wanted a base that would look good with both the black and white glitters, as well as the holo gold circles. Eventually I settled on "Don't Pretzel my Buttons" by O.P.I. For my swatch I used one coat, then some extra fishing for the larger glitters and dabbed them on top. Photos are in direct sunlight and outside shade.  I love this one so much, I didn't want to take it off!

Lastly I have "You're Head of the Team, Zero." This is such a beautiful iridescent glitter topper that reflects mostly blues with a bit of yellow and green. Sadly, I didn't do this polish justice. I wanted to layer it over a dark colour, but not black.  I chose "I saw... U saw... We saw... Warsaw" by O.P.I. but  then later decided that this was not a good choice as the iridescent glitters reflect a blue colour and they weren't every noticeable over the blue base. (I also apologise about the stained cuticles, the blue base is horrible for staining. If just a tiny bit gets on my cuticles it spreads, it stains them for at least two days!)



Friday, 22 November 2013

Cast a Spell Collection by Glam Polish

It is no secret that Glam Polish is one of my all time favourite indie brands. So today I am every excited to be showing off the new Cast a Spell Collection. This collection has five every sparkly holographic polishes. The formula on all of these polishes is amazing, and I have learnt to expect nothing less from this brand. Most of the polishes in this collection have a similar formula consisting of a jelly base with scattered holo and small hex glitters. All of my swatches are two coats in direct sunlight with a top coat.

First up is a bight, sophisticated red called "Coven." This one is super vibrant in direct sunlight and is just a tiny bit darker inside, but still just as sparkly.


Next up is an amazing blue called "High Priestess."  This one was hard to capture. It sparkles in the sunlight but my camera just couldn't capture it. The colour is amazing, it reminds me of a glacier blue. When I was in Alaska I took a helicopter ride to the top of a glacier, the shades of blue through the glacier are so pure and indescribably beautiful that just can't be captured. This polish reminds me of that same ice blue.

This is a stunning emerald green called "Conjuring."  By far one of the best green polishes, ever! It was as if this polish was infused with dazzling emeralds. Yep, it's that good.

The next two are my favourites from this collection. The darker base colours seemed to make the holo sparkle more noticeable. This dark blue is "Book of Shadows." It is an amazing blue in direct sunlight, that looks slightly darker inside.

Lastly is "Tempestarii." Like all the other polishes in this collection, it is nothing short of stunning! This was the only polish that didn't have small hex glitters throughout. This one also looks slightly darker out of direct sunlight.

I wish my photos did these polishes justice for how amazing they are.
The Cast a Spell Collection is now available for pre-order from Glam Polish. See the Glam Polish site for shipping information and international stockists.


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Son of a peach!

I am going to start off by saying I love blog sales. Recently I have picked up some awesome polishes from blog sales, including "Son of a Peach" by China Glaze. In the bottle it looks like a pastel neon, I don't even know how a pastel can be neon but that is the best way I can explain it. On the nail it looks much more neon and a bit less pastel. Of course, being such an awesome colour, it was a bit difficult to capture. In all it's neon awesomeness it makes my fingers look really sunburnt, but it is totally worth it. It was mostly opaque in two coats but the formula was a bit streaky so I added a third coat to try and smooth it out.

Then for fun I added a glitter gradient using one of my favourite glitter toppers, "Stop the Press" by Ulta3.



Monday, 18 November 2013

Shades of Phoenix sample polishes

I am a sucker for a sample sale. A limited number of one off polishes, how could I possibly resist?

The first sample I only got one polish, "Strawberry Jizz" This polish has different pink and red glitters in a creamy pink base. I used two coats for my swatch. It kind of dried to a textured finish on its own but I slapped on some Glossy Glam top coat and it was good to go. 

The next sample sale I ended up with three polishes... no idea how that happened!

"Holy Bat Crap" is a glitter topper with white, blue, yellow, and black glitters. Unfortunately, I could not fish out any of the black glitters to save my life! I found that this one was not as densely packed with glitters as I was expecting so for my swatch I layered 2-3 coats over Coral Colours "Smokin Grey."


"Twinkle me Pink" is a super girly glitter topper packed with all different shapes, sizes, and shades of pastel purple glitters. At first I was going to layer this one over a soft base, such as a white or purple polish, but then I realised that I do that too often and decided to go with a contrasting black base instead. I love how it turned out! For my swatch I used one coat, with a few extra stars dabbed on.





Love, Love, Love this one!! "Sunset Candy" it's just so perfect for summer! I dabbed two coats over a bright orange and yellow gradient. For my gradient I used Ulta3 "Tangerine Tango" and "Honolulu." I was expecting to have to do a bit of fishing for the flower glitters but they came out in bunches!



Just a quick note: These swatches were done last week, but because my computer has been broken I haven't been able to edit or upload any photos recently (not that I actually keep up to date with my posts anyway). My mum has let me borrow her laptop for a few days (yay) but I am not used to the screen on it so apologies if the photos look a bit weird. I have found that they look fine on the computer when I edit them but then when I email them to myself to post them on IG they look really dark and the dimensions are off. I think it is just me not being used to this screen, or IG is being weird. And it has also been raining, so no sunlight swatches. :(