Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Forces!

The totally amazing "Dark Forces" "Cosmic Forces" and "Oceanic Forces" by Emily de Molly. I got these a month or so ago and they have been sitting in my line up for quite some time, so I am quite excited to finally be posting my swatches.

These polishes are amazing in every way possible! The holo dots are beautiful (and kind of hard to photograph) and the formulas of all of them are perfect. I hardly had to do any fishing, even for the large dots! For all my swatches I used about 2-3 swatches depending on the amount of glitter I got in each coat.

I got a bit (ok, very) photo happy with these swatches. They just looked so amazing outside, I couldn't help myself.

Enjoy! :)

"Dark Forces"

"Cosmic Forces"

"Oceanic Forces"