Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Sweet Treats

Today I have three polishes from the Sweet Treats Collection by Peita's Polish. I love the inspiration behind this collection, it is so fun and colourful! I also love the use of the small matte glitters in a clear base, it's a bit of a change from the usual stuff I have.

First up is "Musk Sticks." I love how this soft candy pink really does remind me of musk sticks. This polish has small pink and white matte glitters. For my swatch I used four thin coats alone to reach full coverage. I found it became quite thick to layer over itself, so for the rest of my swatches I layered the polish over a base colour so that I didn't have so many thick layers. I love the colours in this one so I will definitely be layering this one over different colours in the future.

Direct sunlight



Next is "Fizzilicious." This polish is packed with pink, yellow, and white matte glitters that creates a  fizzy orange sherbet look. I layered two thin coats over Sinful Colors "Unicorn." My favorite thing about this polish is that it actually made it look like I had a tan! My layering the polish over a base colour I found that it was a lot smoother to apply, not as thick, and I thought it looked better too.

Inside with flash

Direct sunlight

Outside shade


Lastly is "Jellybean Dream." This one was a surprise favorite for me. To me it seemed that out of the three polishes this one had the best formula. The polish is packed with blue, pink, and purple matte glitter and looks amazing! I used two easy, thin coats over O.P.I "Funky Dunky."

Direct sunlight with glossy top coat

Direct sunlight with matte top coat


I love these polishes and there is so much you can do with them by layering them over different base colours. All of the Sweet Treat Collection is available from Peita's Polish Etsy Store.