Monday, 21 October 2013

Peita's Polish Swatches

I am constantly find new favorite indie polishes, and today I found another two amazing polishes from Peita's Polish. The only thing wrong with these is that they are too awesome!

"Skulltastic" is part of the new Halloween collection. This one is packed with matte white, grey, and pink glitter as well as matte pink skull glitter. Yep, that's right, PINK SKULL GLITTER! Perfect for Halloween, while still being girly. The skulls required a bit of fishing and didn't lay flat on the nail, but that was to be expected from this kind of glitter.

The next amazing polish is packed with neon pink glitter and is appropriately called "Pinkaholic"  This one has a mix of neon squares, stars, and butterflies. I left this one upside down for a bit and didn't have any problems getting the large glitter. I was sad to take this one off, it looks great with a glossy top coat or matte top coat.