Sunday, 13 October 2013

My biggest lemming. Ever!

This post is looong over due. Thankfully I finally have some spare time to post this (Well, I'm actually procrastinating on finishing Uni assignments). I got this polish months ago, so as you can probably tell my nails are much shorter in the following pictures.

As soon as I saw Revlon "Whimsical" I knew I needed it.  I looked for it everywhere, only to find out that it was not yet available in Australia.  :(   Thanks to a wonderful nail mail buddy I was able to get my hands on this precious, just before it came out in Australia. I was so excited when I got this one I just sat and stared at it, taking in all its awesomeness!

It has a really thin formula so I layered two coats over Ulta3 "Soft Hydrangea"

Then I added my beloved matte top coat. So perfect.