September What's In-die Box? Swatches and Review

Spoiler alert if you ordered the September What's In-die Box? and haven't gotten it yet and want the contents to be a surprise!

I have loved the idea of a monthly Aussie indie polish box right from the start! Each month 5 different Aussie indie brands contribute unique polishes to a themed box. This months contributing brands were Glam Polish, Lilypad Lacquer, Peita's Polish, Celestial Cosmetics, and Emily de Molly and the theme was Sex and the City. I loved this months theme, I thought it was so fun and girly.

So on to the polishes....

"Carrie me Away!" by Glam Polish.
This one is beautiful! It has a bright blue base with a silver shimmer that is almost a holo. I found the formula for this one to be a bit thin, I used four thin coats by its self to get it to be almost completely opaque. But I could still see the free end of my nail trough the polish, which I personally don't like. You can kind of see it in the pictures, or maybe I'm just crazy.

Four thin coats, direct sunlight.

Four thin coats, outside shade.
Four thin coats, inside with flash..

I decided to try one coat over O.P.I "No Room for the Blues" so that I was using less coats and saving more of the polish. I liked it much better with the base colour as it made it completely opaque and I couldn't see the free end of my nail through the polish but you still got the gorgeous sparkle.

In the shade over "No Room for the Blues" by O.P.I.

In direct sunlight over "No Room for the Blues" by O.P.I.

And I had to take a macro shot. I love how this really shows up the sparkle!


"City Lights" by Lilypad Lacquer
I love this one! I love the holo sparkle in the sunlight and the formula was great, it only took two thin coats! It kind of does make me think of the New York City skyline as the sun is going down and all the lights are coming on.

Outside shade.

Direct sunlight.

Inside with flash.

I really don't have much to say about this one, except look at the macro!!!

Macro in direct sunlight.

"Labels or Love" by Peita's Polish.
Holy hot pink glitter bomb! When I opened the box and saw this beauty it was the one that I couldn't stop staring at. It has a mix of different hot pink glitters and silver and red hearts in a tinted jelly base. I found the formula to this one to be really interesting. At first I thought I could just use it as a glitter topper but then realized that the tinted base was really pigmented but still very translucent. I first layered one coat over Essie "Super Bossa Nova" which mated the color of the tinted base but didn't do the glitters much justice as they are so beautiful, but kind of blended into the base colour.

One coat over Essie "Super Bossa Nova" inside with flash.

One coat over Essie "Super Bossa Nova" in direct sunlight.

I don't know what made me want to try the polish on its own, but it actually kind of worked!
I used three thickish coats by its self. The tinted base and all the glitter gave amazing depth.

Three coats in direct sunlight.

Look how pretty the macro is! It's a hot pink glitter bomb!

Macro in direct sunlight.

"I Miss New York" by Celestial Cosmetics.
I have never seen anything like this before, it is so unique! This one has a metallic silver base with different sized red glitters. I have never seen a silver metallic base mixed with glitter before. I just love how different this is from all the other indies I have ever seen. I used three thin coats alone for my swatch.

Direct sunlight.

In the shade

Macro in sunlight.

Next time I use this one I'll probably use a base colour such as Ulta3 "Glamourpuss" because in the sunlight I could see the free end of my nail, and that way I can also save more of the polish!

"Neutral Agreement" by Emily de Molly
I am a sucker for neutral toned polishes, and this one is so exception. I love the subtle sandy colored base with the silver, gold, and bronze glitters. I used two coats for my swatch.

In the shade.

Direct sunlight

Macro in sunlight.

Over all I love the whole idea of a monthly indie polish box and this one had one of my favorite themes so far. All the polishes were unique and beautiful and fitted in with the theme.

I can't wait for the October What's In-die Box? The theme is "Little Box of Horrors" for Halloween. When I lived in America my favorite holiday was Halloween, so I am super excited for this box to come out. The October box is available here. Don't miss out as the polishes are exclusive to the box and cannot be purchased after the sale of the What's In-die Box?


*The product shown in this post were provided to me for review purposes.


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