31 Day Challenge 2013: Days 1-6.

It's been a busy week! I've had two uni assignments due and family visiting so I haven't had time to edit and post my nail pictures for the 31 Day Challenge. Of course, I  managed to make time to do my nails, so I have been keeping up to date with the date to day challenges, but now it's time for a mass update.

Day 1:  Red

O.P.I. "Skyfall" and gold nail studs that I got from ebay.
I love how simple, yet effective this one is!

Day 2: Orange

Neon orange splatter using Ulta3 "Tahti" over a white base.

Day 3: Yellow

The first thing I thought of for yellow was Glam Polish "Brite."
This is one coat over Sinful Colors "Unicorn."

Day 4: Green

I'm generally not a fan of the color green, unless it is a mint green! Thanks to some awesome nail mail I got my hands on BarryM "Ridley Road." This is two thin coats seen in direct sunlight.

Day 5: Blue

A simple tape design with a star nail stud that I got from ebay. The blue is O.P.I. "No Room for the Blues" and the lighter blue is an unknown.  I love this blue as it has such a perfect formula and is opaque in almost one coat.

Day 6: Violet

This was a late night free hand chevron french tip. Not the greatest, oh well.
The pink base was O.P.I. "I Theodora You" and the purple is O.P.I. "Funky Dunkey." This purple also has an awesome formula.

I am hoping to keep up to date with my posts, but I doubt that will happen. I'll probably end up doing a bulk post every few days.



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