Today I have my picks out of the Glam Polish Insta-Glam  Collection. This collection was a collaboration between Glam Polish and some Aussie IG nail girls. I ended up getting five out of six from this collection. I first had three picked out, and then ended up getting another two a week later.

So, on to the swatches!

First up is "My BFF is Better than Yours!" designed by @ohmygoshpolish on Instagram.

Three thin coats with top coat.
I love this mint green with neon pink and holo squares, such an awesome combination! And as expected from Glam Polish, perfect application.

With matte top coat.

Next is "Go Home Sky, You're Drunk!" designed by @xxlovelauren.

Three thin coats with a top coat.

This one is so unique and beautiful. I love the pastel purple base and neon green and holo glitters, it was different to what I was expecting but I couldn't stop looking at my nails! A bit of fishing was required to get the neon green glitters, but it was worth it.

With matte top coat.
You can better see the neon green in the macro.

 The next one is my favorite from the collection, and probably my new favorite glitter topper! This is "A Wedding Theme" by @Erinzi.

One coat dabbed over Essie "Angel Food."
 It is so beautiful I could cry! I love this one so much! Again, I couldn't stop looking at my nails (that happens a lot). This polish has pink, white, and gold glitters in a clear base. As the name says, it would be perfect for a wedding.

Jelly sandwich  with top coat.
I had to try a jelly sandwich with this one. I love jelly sandwich nails, especially with a matte top coat!

Jelly sandwich with matte top coat.
And the prettiest macro I have ever seen!  It is now the background on my phone!


The next two are the ones I decided to go back and get a week later, and I am glad I did.

This one is "Neon Nubs" designed by @tenlittlenubs.

Three thin coats with a top coat.

This one has neon blue, green and pink glitters in a light/bright blue base. So much prettier and brighter than I first expected. And I didn't have to do much fishing for the larger glitters.

An on the nail macro for something different.
This shows up  all the neon colours!

Macro bottle shot - All the colours!

Lucky last is "Strawbrie Fields Forever" designed by @strawbrie.

Three thin coats with top coat.

This pretty has holo pink diamonds and green dots in a pink jelly base. So cute and girly!  Perfect application, as always.


I am seriously in love with everything done by Glam Polish. the formulas are always perfect and so creative. Can't wait to swatch the rest of my untired Glam Polishes!



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