Friday, 9 August 2013

Caviar Pearls

I found these photos from a few weeks ago that I forgot to post, I'm getting so slack with keeping up with editing and posting nail pictures on both here and IG, whoops!  :p

When the Coral Colours Caviar Pearl sets came in at work I got two out of the three (I wasn't really feeling the plain dark blue one). I liked that it came with everything you needed to create the look, the polish, the pearls, and a little funnel.

First up is Pink Rainbow.

Pink Rainbow, all pretty in its box.
 I started with the base colour (duh). Application was a little streaky, but I really liked the colour, even on its own. It was kind of a light pinkish colour, but in different light it almost looked like a peach colour.

Two coats of the base colour with a top coat.

When my base colour was dry I added another quick coat over where I wanted the beads to go and poured the beads over the top. For my index finger I used tape as my guild line for where I wanted the beads to go. I love the mix of different coloured pearls for this one.

With the pearls.
I decided to include my (blurry) macro of the pearls for the coloured one, to show the three colours in it a bit better.

A very blurry macro of the colored beads.

The other set I got was called "Black Thunder."

In the box.

I was quite impressed with the black base colour that came with this set. It was opaque in two thin coats and had a smooth application.

Two coats of the base colour.

 I decided to go all out with this one and do a full manicure.

With the pearls.

I rocked the full black mani for almost a whole day. A few of the pearls came off, but I ended up picking most of them off anyway! haha.