Friday, 16 August 2013

Beware of the Dark Arts

Today I have my three picks from the Beware of the Dark Arts collection by Shades of Phoenix.

I was so excited for this collection, more Harry Potter themed nail polish!

Each polish from the collection is cleverly named and inspired by a different spell from the Harry Potter books and movies.

My favorite is "Riddikulus"  partly because it is fun to say, but it is also gorgeous polish. It has deep purple, almost black, with purple glitters that sparkle like crazy! The spell "Riddikulus" is used as a defense against a Boggart.

Three thin coats of "Riddikulus" with a top coat.
And a macro, just because I like this one so much!

The next one is "Wingardium Leviosa." I can always hear Hermione Granger's voice in my head when I think about that spell! The spell "Wingardium Leviosa" is used to make objects levitate and is learnt during the first year at Hogwarts. The polish inspired by this useful spell has a really dark blue, almost black, base with blue glitters. Again, it sparkles like crazy! Unfortunately, my camera and I were having disagreements at this point so the photo isn't great and doesn't show the blue very well. :(

Three thin coats and a top coat.

My last pick from the Beware of the Dark Arts collection was a last minuet addition as it was kept a secret all the way up until the shop opened. "You're a Wizard" is a glitter topper filled with tiny colour shifting iridescent glitters.

Two thin coats layered over black.

I plan on doing more swatches of "You're a Wizard" over different coloured bases sometime in the future!