Glam Polish

Today I have some swatches of five different polishes by Glam Polish. These polishes are even more amazing than I expected them to be! I may have found a new favorite indie brand!

First up is "Blibber Blubber." This one has heaps of neon glitter in a white jelly base, and it is absolutely perfect! I stood the bottle upside down for a bit before using it and had no problems with getting the larger bits of glitter.

Three coats of "Blibber Blubber" with a top coat.

I like it much better with the matte top coat...

"Blibber Blubber" with a matte top coat.

 Of course, I had to include a marco! Look at all the pretty neon glitters!

Macro of "Blibber Blubber."

Next is "Energizer Bunny." This one has different size pink, silver, and blue dots in a pink base. It is so cute and girly.

Three thin coats of "Energizer Bunny" with a top coat.
And again with the matte top coat and macro...

"Energizer Bunny" with a matte top coat.

Macro of "Energizer Bunny."

I love my mint coloured polishes and this one is perfect. "Peppermint Patty" has silver and blue dots as well as a few hearts in a minty base.

Three thin coats of "Peppermint Patty" with a top coat.

"Peppermint Patty" with a matte top coat.

Macro of "Peppermint Patty."

Generally I don't like yellow polishes but this one is so cute. I love the dot glitter, it's a nice change from the popular hex glitter. "Brite" has a rainbow of glitters in a yellow base.

Three thin coats of "Brite" with a top coat.

"Brite" with a matte top coat.

Macro of "Brite."

I got the last one mostly because of the name: "Big Bang Theory." This one is named after the T.V. show, which is currently a favorite of mine. The polish has dot glitters of different colours and sizes in a clear base.

"Big Bang Theory" over Australis "Blue Tiger" with a top coat.

With a matte top coat.

Macro of "Big Bang Theory."

I may have gone a bit crazy with the matte top coat, but I think they look so much cooler with the matte top coat! :)

All these polishes are amazing. I've already put in my next order and it should be arriving any day now, can't wait!

You can check out the Glam Polish store HERE.



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