Dream Catcher

Recently one of my friends inspired me to do dream catcher nails.

I had done dream catcher nails once before and thought it was time to give it another go.

So I thought I would include my last dream catcher nail design along with my newest one.

My first attempt at dream catcher nails I am still actually quite proud of, that's kind of why I wanted to include them in this post. I think I did these ones at the beginning of the year, probably in early January.

First dream catcher nails from January.

I wanted to try something a bit different this time around, this is what I came up with ...

My recent dream catcher nails.

I kind of like them. I feel its been ages since I have done any nail art. I've been doing heaps of swatches recently so I am a bit rusty with my nail art at the moment.

For both dream catcher designs I used acrylic paint because I find it easier to work with and doesn't dry as quickly as polish.



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