Saturday, 8 June 2013

Shades of Phoenix swatches

    Left to right: "Dionysus" "Zeus" & "Chloris"

    First up is "Dionysus" By  Shades of Phoenix. I am in love with this polish! Application is perfect and there is no fishing for glitter. This polish is a dark purple jelly with hex, bar, and square glitter.  Generally I'm not a fan of bar glitter but it is perfect in this polish.

    Macro bottle shot of "Dionysus"

    Three coats and a top coat

    Next up is "Zeus."  Again, I love this polish! It has an abundance of lavender and white glitter in a clear base. I wanted to swatch this polish over a neutral base as well as a darker base colour. I love how a different base colour can make a glitter polish look different. I am pretty much convinced that this polish  would look good over anything!

    Macro bottle shot of "Zeus"  (What looks like tiny black glitter is actually just light from my flash reflecting off the glitter, sorry!!)

    One coat of "Zeus" with a top coat over O.P.I "Don't Pretzel my Buttons"

    One coat over Australis "Blackmail" with top coat

    Last but not least is "Chloris."  It is such a pretty, girly polish! It has heaps of multi coloured glitters in a creamy light pink base. One of my favourite things about Shades of Phoenix polishes is that they are packed with glitter so I've never had to even think about fishing for glitter. The only thing about this polish is that it would help if the pink was a bit more sheer so that all the pretty colours could show through a bit better. Otherwise, I love it!

    Macro bottle shot of "Chloris"

    Two coats and a top coat

    To who ever may have read this (if anyone at all), I hope you liked my first blog post. I still can't believe I just randomly created a blog! I was Just sitting at my computer and next thing I knew I was writing this! Anyway, let me know what you think   :)