Sunday, 16 June 2013

Face of Australia glitter polish

Today I have two glitter polishes from the Face of Australia Glitterati collection.

First up is "Heart of Glass." This was a really sheer pink polish with different pink, purple, and white glitters. There was a bit of fishing required for the larger square pink glitters and I used about four coats so that it was opaque.

Four coats of "Heart of Glass" with top coat.

Macro bottle shot of "Heart of Glass."

The other polish that I picked up was "Boogie Wonderland." The long stringy bar glitters in this polish were quite annoying and it was hard to make some of them lie flat. This polish was also really sheer and I had to use about five coats before it was opaque. I liked the other coloured glitters in this polish and thankfully they didn't require any fishing.

Five coats of "Boogie Wonderland" with top coat.

Macro bottle shot of "Boogie Wonderland."