Sunday, 30 June 2013

Playing with Liquid Sand

I had to attempt some simple nail art with my new liquid sand polishes. I was happily surprised with how it all turned out.

First I decided to do half moon nails using "Pussy Galore" and "I Theodora You" by O.P.I. I love the combination of textures!

"I Theodora You" and "Pussy Galore" half moon nails.

Next I wanted to do gradients with the liquid sand polishes. For some reason I thought it would work differently to a normal sponge gradient, I have no idea why I thought that, but I had to give it a go. I am so happy with how the gradients turned out!

For my first gradient with the liquid sand polishes I thought I would try something with similar colours.

"Honey Ryder" and "What Wizardry is This?" gradient.

After that was a success I had to do a pink and gold liquid sand gradient!

"Pussy Galore" and "Honey Ryder" gradient.

 I just love how these turned out!There will be more liquid sand nail art in my future!


Friday, 28 June 2013

Liquid Sand

From the first time I saw swatches of the O.P.I Bond Girls Collection there were two polishes I knew I had to have right away. It wasn't easy getting my hands on these polishes though! There is only one place near me that sells O.P.I polishes, and when I went there looking for these liquid sand polishes they didn't have it in stock yet. So I go back a few weeks later and they are sold out! I go back again a few weeks later... Finally, they had the polishes I had been looking for in stock! Oh, happy days! 

The first one is "Honey Ryder."  I am really impressed with this one as it is opaque in nearly one coat! I used two coats for full coverage. I love this gold shimmer with the texture, best liquid sand polish!

Two coats of "Honey Ryder" with no top coat.

The other polish that I just had to have from the collection was "Pussy Galore." I am not a big fan of the name but the polish lives up to expectations. It is so pretty and girly.

Three coats of "Pussy Galore" with no topcoat.


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Australis glitter polishes

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Australis nail polishes! They always have such perfect application.

I got this one a while ago and I was so happy when I found it as it was one of my biggest lemmings ever since I Knew it existed. This is "Milky Way" and has different coloured hex glitters with tiny blue glitters in a white base. It is a favourite for a reason, it's like there is a party on my nails!!

Three coats of "Milky way" with top coat.

The newest one that I recently picked up is "Space Jam." I just stumbled across it one day and I knew I needed it in my life. It was jam packed with glitters into a dark purple jelly base. I loved the use of the large blue hex glitters, they are just so pretty!

Three coats of "Space Jam" with top coat.


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Face of Australia glitter polish

Today I have two glitter polishes from the Face of Australia Glitterati collection.

First up is "Heart of Glass." This was a really sheer pink polish with different pink, purple, and white glitters. There was a bit of fishing required for the larger square pink glitters and I used about four coats so that it was opaque.

Four coats of "Heart of Glass" with top coat.

Macro bottle shot of "Heart of Glass."

The other polish that I picked up was "Boogie Wonderland." The long stringy bar glitters in this polish were quite annoying and it was hard to make some of them lie flat. This polish was also really sheer and I had to use about five coats before it was opaque. I liked the other coloured glitters in this polish and thankfully they didn't require any fishing.

Five coats of "Boogie Wonderland" with top coat.

Macro bottle shot of "Boogie Wonderland." 


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Shades of Phoenix swatches

    Left to right: "Dionysus" "Zeus" & "Chloris"

    First up is "Dionysus" By  Shades of Phoenix. I am in love with this polish! Application is perfect and there is no fishing for glitter. This polish is a dark purple jelly with hex, bar, and square glitter.  Generally I'm not a fan of bar glitter but it is perfect in this polish.

    Macro bottle shot of "Dionysus"

    Three coats and a top coat

    Next up is "Zeus."  Again, I love this polish! It has an abundance of lavender and white glitter in a clear base. I wanted to swatch this polish over a neutral base as well as a darker base colour. I love how a different base colour can make a glitter polish look different. I am pretty much convinced that this polish  would look good over anything!

    Macro bottle shot of "Zeus"  (What looks like tiny black glitter is actually just light from my flash reflecting off the glitter, sorry!!)

    One coat of "Zeus" with a top coat over O.P.I "Don't Pretzel my Buttons"

    One coat over Australis "Blackmail" with top coat

    Last but not least is "Chloris."  It is such a pretty, girly polish! It has heaps of multi coloured glitters in a creamy light pink base. One of my favourite things about Shades of Phoenix polishes is that they are packed with glitter so I've never had to even think about fishing for glitter. The only thing about this polish is that it would help if the pink was a bit more sheer so that all the pretty colours could show through a bit better. Otherwise, I love it!

    Macro bottle shot of "Chloris"

    Two coats and a top coat

    To who ever may have read this (if anyone at all), I hope you liked my first blog post. I still can't believe I just randomly created a blog! I was Just sitting at my computer and next thing I knew I was writing this! Anyway, let me know what you think   :)