The Princess Ponies Trio by Miss Priss Polish

Last year I created a nail polish collection inspired by My Little Pony. But that collection was just the six main characters and one of my friends informed me that I HAD to do the princesses. So I made Princess Celestia and then Princess Luna. I then had to liaise with my friend, as she is the My Little Pony expert after all. "What about Princess Cadance?" she asks me. *Me with a blank stare* "Hu?" Then she dived into what some may call a passionate rant about Princess Cadence and why I had to nail polish based on her. "Ok, a polish on Princess Cadance it is!" And that my friends is how the Princess Ponies Trio was born. I am actually really glad that I ended up doing Princess Cadance as it turned out to be my favourite polish from the trio (and maybe even my favourite out of all the My Little Pony polishes that I've created).

"Princess Cadence" - A silver holographic base with pink micro glitter and medium matte pink and yellow hex glitter…

An All Time Favourite

I'm sure we all have those few extra special polishes, you know, the ones that make you smile on the outside, as well as on the inside. Well, this is one of mine... "Never Grow Up" by Glam Polish. It's an all time favourite. It makes me so happy when I look at it that I just can't help but smile a little bit. I love the rainbow of coloured glitters through the silver holographic base, it's like a party! And the formula is simply flawless, especially for such a glitter heavy polish. This polish is one that I can always turn to if I'm not quite sure what I want to wear, or if I've been having a sad nail day it is sure to cheer me up, I mean just look at it!

Now that you know one of my favourites, I would love it if you told me about one of your favourite polishes!

Hocus Pocus Trio by Glam Polish

Hello everyone, I am pleased to share with you the Hocus Pocus Trio by Glam Polish. It has been a while since I have swatched for Glam Polish, or even swatched at all, but that doesn't mean that I've totally given up! I still love swatching and testing out new nail polishes. I love to see the new creations, test out their formulas, see how they look in different lighting, and if I have time I love using new polishes as inspiration for nail art. For this Trio in particular, I loved seeing them sparkle in the sunlight. When I first swatched this collection it was over cast, and had been for a week, so I gave up waiting on sunlight. Then about a week or two later the weather cleared up, so I had to go back and re-swatch these pretties so that I could see them in full sunlight. Each of my swatches is two thin coats plus a thick glossy top coat. As expected from Glam Polish, the formula of each polish was impeccable and application was clean and easy.

"Damn, Damn, Double Damn&…